About Us

Monika and Richard Penny, founders of Two Eggs! and parents to three sons, grew up together to become successful entrepreneurs from Hampton, Virginia. The Penny's are ultimate foodies, preferring "Mom and Pop" restaurants as their favorite type of places to dine over chain restaurants. "Two Eggs! started in the kitchen." Breakfast is the most important meal and gathering of the day for the family. Growing up, neighborhood friends of the boys were surprised by the way the Penny's gathered and enjoyed meals together as a family. During this time, everyone played a role - setting the table, getting napkins and condiments and even cleaning together once the meal was over. Some family favorites were french toast, pancakes and dutchbabies. They were raised to believe that you can't find better food than food that was made with love, which led to the birth of Two Eggs!Two Eggs! was created to instill and share family traditions with the community through the restaurant environment and ambiance. Here at Two Eggs! we want customers to feel at home, relaxed and welcomed, as if you are at Grandma's house. Two Eggs! strives to replicate this inviting experience for everyone in the community.